Minecraft Server Rules

These rules are additional rules on top of the Alinea Community Rules. These community rules can be found on our Discord server, in #👮|rules.

The Minecraft server is trust-based, and breaking these rules means you betrayed the trust of the community. You will be banned from the Minecraft server permanently. We do not do temporary bans.


You are responsible for anything you do, regardless on whether it is intentional or not. Damage done by creepers that blow up is damage done by you. If players fall in a trap you built, you trapped the player. You will be responsible for this. We assume all players know all rules, and not knowing a rule does not excuse you from responsibility. 

Be a friendly neighbour (FRND)

Consensual interactions are key on this server. 

  1. Do not do anything to a player they do not want you to do to them. Even if you think it is not a big deal, other players might. Respect their opinion on this.
  2. Do not attack or kill players or their pets without their consent.
  3. Do not steal or grief.
  4. Do not build any traps that might inconvenience others.
  5. When a player dies near you, do not simply watch their items despawn. Make a best effort to recover them, taking into account your own safety.
  6. All roleplay must be consensual. Not everyone is into roleplay, respect them for this. Lawsuits are considered roleplay.

Respect the environment (ENVI)

To make sure the world stays as beautiful as it was when it first spawned, some rules are in place. Even though no one may live in an area now, this doesn't mean no one will in the future.

  1. Do not grief any terrain. Do not cause forest fires or blow up large areas.
  2. Replant saplings when gathering wood.
  3. Do not leave floating trees behind.
  4. Remove nerd poles you built.
  5. Any land you are using is yours. Any land you are not actively using is not.
  6. If you are moving in close to someone else, discuss this with them first.

Do not cause lag or crashes (LGCR)

We do not put heavy restrictions on what type of farms you are allowed to build, but in exchange we expect you to be responsible with them. In general, we advise you to avoid using chests and hoppers, disable hoppers that don't need to be turned on, or placing composters on top of them, and to avoid flickering lights or continuously placing and removing water.

  1. Do not cause any lag, or build anything that does.
  2. Do not cause the server or other players to crash, or build anything that does.
  3. Do not build or use chunk loaders.
  4. Do not own more than two villagers near your own or someone else's home. Villager halls are only allowed in chunks far away from any settlement, that would be unloaded if no one is using the villager hall.

Do not cause lag or crashes (EXPL)

Exploiting the game is not allowed. This ensure the game is fair for everyone. Modifications are allowed as long as they follow the principles laid down in these rules. You can find a list of modifications we recommend on our mods page.

  1. Do not exploit the game. This includes duping items or blocks, flying, and xraying.
  2. TNT duplication is not allowed.
  3. Breaking bedrock is allowed.
  4. You are only allowed to own two elytras at a time. You can sell only one of these two elytras.
  5. Modifications that play the game for you are not allowed. This includes auto-building and auto-fishing.
  6. Auto clickers and minimaps are allowed.
  7. Schematic modifications are allowed insofar they assist you in building. Modifications that build for you are not allowed.