Minecraft Server

To make sure everyone can have an enjoyable experience on the Minecraft server, we have some basic rules in place. These rules apply on top of the existing rules for the Discord server.

Being a good citizen

Do not cause lag. When building machines, factories, contraptions, or anything else, always try your hardest to make it run as smoothly as possible without causing any lag or crashes. Chunkloaders are not allowed. You are not allowed to have more than two elytras, others should be able to get ones for themselves too.

Being a good neighbour

Do not grief, raid or steal. Do not attack or kill other players or their pets without their explicit consent.

Do not build traps that can cause players to die, can cause them to lose some or all of their items, can cause their pets to die, can cause them to get stuck, or otherwise disproportionally inconvenience them.

Respect the environment. While you cannot 'claim' land, if you are using land, it is generally considered yours. Do not build on or near lands other people are using without their consent. Fill in any grief or creeper holes you might accidentally cause near other people's lands. Do not quarry out or blow up large areas without cause.

Being a fair player

To make the game fair for everyone, do not use any modifications that would contradict the principles in these rules. For more information, go to our mods page.

Do not use exploits. Breaking bedrock is allowed, although consider to respect the environment.