Which modifications are allowed?

In the past we had a specific whitelist of allows modifications, however we no longer do. Any modification is allowed as long as it follows the same principles as the rules. In general, this means that the modification mustn't adversely impact others in the game:

  1. It cannot cause instability or lag for the server.
  2. It cannot cause instability or lag for other players.
  3. It does not prevent others from playing a Vanilla Minecraft game.
  4. XRAY, ESPs and other tools commonly used for hacking, griefing and cheating are not allowed.


For those who want to use modifications, but are unsure where to start, we compiled the following list of recommendations. All of these mods require you to install the Fabric Loader. If you are unsure how to do this, a tutorial is provided at the end of this page. These more are mere recommendations, and none of them are required to play on Alinea.


Nice to have

  • Iris - Beautiful shaders, compatible with Optifine shaderpacks [LAG]
  • Bobby - Increase client render distance beyond server render distance
  • Continuity - Connected glass textures



We do not recommend the use of Optifine, since it is incompatible with most other modifications. If Sodium and Iris are not sufficient replacements for you, check out this list of Optifine alternatives.

Installation Guide

Installing Fabric and Fabric modifications is relatively straight-forward. If you are still unsure, you can use the following tutorial.