Alinea Community
& Minecraft SMP

Minecraft SMP

Alinea features a Minecraft vanilla-like survival server.

No commands

Commands break the immersion. You can focus on just the game.

Proximity voice chat

Talk to each other in-game straight away. No need to set up a separate call.


So you do not have to worry about griefers.

Additional music discs

We added some extra music discs, so your parties can be extra funky.

No claims

Stop worrying about server bureaucracy. The whitelist protects us all.

No PvP

Don't be afraid. PvP is not allowed without consent.

Extra foods

Carrots get boring. Try some blueberry muffins or chocolate doughnuts.

Unstable Enchantments

Go above and beyond the Vanilla enchantment limits, but beware, your enchantments will turn unstable and will need polishing before application.

Rebalanced economy

Multiplayer Minecraft can feel like creative sometimes. We added some changes to ensure everyone gets to play fair and square.

So what are you waiting for?

Join our Discord server and apply for the Minecraft SMP whitelist!