Town Naming Competition

Every town has a name, and so we need one as well! What better way to decide on a name, than by friendly competition!

Town Naming Competition

Time for our first Alinea Together competition! Let's decide on a name for the town!

Submitting an entry

Entries can be submitted on Wednesday and Thursday (CEST) at the town hall. Please keep entries appropriate. Inappropriate entries will not be accepted. One entry per person!

Mayor Mike and the town name entry submission booth.
Mayor Mike set up a booth at town hall to submit your entries!

Voting for entries

Everyone can select their top three of entries at town hall. Polls are open on Friday and Saturday (CEST). Voting is done at town hall. To select the winner, instant-runoff voting is used.


The winner will receive a Vein Mining enchanted book! You can apply this enchantment to a pickaxe of your choice! A pickaxe with this enchantment will be able to mine an entire vein of ore at once!

The enchantment will work without installing any modifiations, but it will appear invisible. All players are recommended to install the Binchants modification.