Banana Street

Banana Street

Banana St. is a shopping center/street with multiple shops. This page will show you all of the new and improved shops, as well as the old ones as well as each coupon there is.

Featured Bar:

M O N K E bar

Nether Shop:

  • Quartz blocks: 1 diamond per stack
  • Soul Sand/Soul Soil: 1 diamond per 4 stacks
  • Basalt: 1 diamond per 2 stacks
  • Magma Blocks: 1 diamond per 2 stacks
  • Blackstone: 1 diamond per 2 stacks
  • Netherite: 9 diamonds per Netherite Ingot

Pet Shop:

  • 10 iron per Axolotl(skeleton horse is not for sale)

Book shop:

  • 1 Diamond per 2 stacks
  • 1 diamond per Mending book

M o n k e bar:

  • (no prices yet and only able to get drinks and food from there if Feet_Goblin is there to serve)